Live Music Now Gigs – March 2016

We’ve had a great run of Live Music Now gigs this March in a variety of settings. Our first gig was at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh for the opening of an extensive Celtic exhibition on March 12th. Our program was entitled ‘Tunes and Tales from the Cauldron’ after the fantastic Gundestruup cauldron in the exhibition, a melting pot of Celtic art, myth and legend. Our performance focused on Celtic music and stories. Along with the usual sets of our own compositions (which are inspired by Celtic music) we included Irish dancing and some stories.

Gráinne loved reading the old Celtic stories growing up, and so enjoyed telling the tale of ‘Fionn MacCumhaill and the Salmon of Knowledge’, along with ‘Fionn MacCumhaill and the Giants Causeway’. As usual, the museum generated a lovely audience and there was a group of children dancing at the front throughout the performance!

The next day we were playing at the ‘Young at Heart Festival’ in Chatelheraut Park in East Kilbride. The venue was a small theatre next to the estate house, and it was great to see all the seats were filled. Here, our set consisted of G&T tunes along with Irish dancing by Tina. The audience loved the tunes, stories of how the names of our tunes came about and Tina’s dancing went down particularly well! Afterwards we chatted to folk as they were leaving and got very positive feedback from everyone.

G&T - Live Music NowThe following week we played a couple of gigs celebrating St Patrick’s Day. The first was out in Barrhead at Applecross Care Home (picture above). Tina has played here with her usual LMN partner Kristan Harvey a number of times so already knew the staff there. We were given a warm welcome and set up to play in the common room. As usual, the dancing generated lots of interest, though our tunes and stories were enjoyed too. Gráinne was even talking to a resident lady afterwards who was from Donegal!

G&T - Live Music NowOur next gig was the day after Patrick’s Day in Edinburgh. This was an afternoon ‘St Patrick’s Day Tea Dance’ for the elderly and took place in the Festival Theatre. There were lots of tea and scones served, which Gráinne is enjoying in this picture! Our program was a little longer than usual. Added with our usual tunes and Tina’s dancing, was some Scottish ceilidh dancing and a singalong!
We really enjoyed this performance as we had lots of people up ceilidh dancing, many joined in singing (we had distributed sheets with lyrics) and all enjoyed our own tunes and Tina’s dancing. We had a great time during the break and afterwards, chatting to lots of different folk too.


G&T - LMN daffodil The last LMN gig of March was at St Michael’s Friendship Club in Edinburgh. This club is a gathering of elderly folk in St Michael’s church, and we were the entertainment for the afternoon. The ladies kindly included us in their Easter raffle, and after the gig they presented us with a bunch of daffodils each and we both got a raffle prize. We donated our album ‘HIGH SPIRITS’ to the raffle, so we hope whoever won it is enjoying it. They gave us wonderful feedback and we were delighted returning to Glasgow after a lovely afternoon!

Cheers for now, G&T x

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