Helensburgh Folk Club @ The Tower

We had a great night playing at the new Helensburgh Folk Club on 6th December. Local musicians Ainsley Hamill and Ryan Young recently set up the folk club which is held in The Tower. What an absolutely fantastic venue! A brilliant place to play in. It is a converted church with a cinema, and plans for a submarine museum next door! We were lucky enough to get to have a wee look at the submarine whilst we were there.

There was a small audience which made for a lovely, intimate gig. As the folk club is so new it is still finding it’s feet and building an audience. This was one of our favourite gigs that we have done, such a welcoming venue and owners. We wish The Tower and Helensburgh Folk Club good luck for the future! Go and check them out!

G&T x

Helensburgh Folk Club

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Shetland Accordion & Fiddle Festival 2016

We had a great time in Shetland over the weekend, playing at the Accordion & Fiddle Festival, with a couple of Live Music Now gigs in between. We flew over on Thursday 6th October from Glasgow and were picked up from Sumburgh airport. As the flight was a little delayed we went straight to our first gig in Lerwick at Taing House. The performance took place in the lobby to a lovely audience with a beautiful view of the sea right outside. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, with blue skies and no wind all weekend!

The festival had organised for us to stay in Lerwick with Shetland residents Val and Neill, who were absolutely wonderful hosts, along with their border collie Millie! After getting ready for the evening we went in to the Festival Club at the Isleburgh in Lerwick, where we were to perform that night. There was a great variety of acts on, mainly Scottish dance bands with some miscellaneous folk bands in between, such as ourselves. We played halfway through the second half of the show. It was a really great gig; Tina had a real piano to play and the sound on the stage was fantastic. After the concert, we danced the night away at the ceilidh!

Photos by Dale Smith Isleburgh Concert

Photos by Dale Smith
Isleburgh Concert

The following afternoon we had another Live Music Now gig at a wee care home in a nearby town, Scalloway. This was to a smaller audience, and again we had a great view of the sea out the window. After our gig we went back to Lerwick to catch the bus for our evening gig at the festival, which was up in Ollaberry.

This concert took place in a hall out in the countryside, about an hour away from Lerwick. It was a really nice bus journey out, with the sun set over beautiful landscape. We were the second band playing this time, right after Liam Brannan Band, a local group. After our slot, we got a lift back to the Festival Club at The Isleburgh, which was full of tunes with a great atmosphere.

Fresh air before going to Ollaberry

Fresh air before going to Ollaberry

On Saturday we had a glorious day of relaxation as we had no gigs that day! In the evening we went to the Grand Dance, where a plethora of Scottish dance bands were playing, with a mixture of local and not so local bands. The venue was the Clickimin Centre, a huge hall, so quite a lot of people could dance. We had a great time at the dance, and over the entire weekend, meeting lots of new people and seeing Shetland in the sunshine. Huge thanks to Peter, Una and Alan for having us at the festival, Val and Neill (and Millie!) for their hospitality, Live Music Now, and Tom for his “taxi” services!

At the local beach with Millie, our hosts' dog

At the local beach with Millie, our hosts’ dog

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G&T Day 2016

We had an absolutely fantastic time at the first G&T Day on Saturday 21st May. It took place in St Peter’s Hall, Partick, which is a lovely wee space. We had 12 musicians for the workshops which was great. Gráinne started with a class for the 9 fiddles and Tina with a class for the 3 flutes. Gráinne taught an Irish tune called ‘My Darling Asleep’ and one of her own compositions ‘The Magician’. Tina taught the flutes a tune of her own called ‘Pipe Down’.

Then we had a nice tea break after this first workshop with tea, coffee and snacks. We were really lucky to have our friend Jasmin helping out, and she got everything ready for the break which was great.

We split the group for the next workshops; Tina took half the group for a composition class and Gráinne for a class on building repertoire. The aim of the composition workshop was to show that anyone can write a tune using some simple techniques, and to encourage people to compose. Together the classes wrote two great tunes over the workshops.

The repertoire class involved a talk on the key aspects of successful practice and building repertoire. Gráinne also taught them another Irish tune called ‘The Limerick Lasses’.

After another tea break the groups switched over so everyone took a composition class and a repertoire class which worked out really well.

We then set up the hall for the evening concert. We started around 7.30pm with a fantastic set from fiddler Ryan Young who was joined by Innes Watson on guitar, and a surprise guest appearance from Charlie Galloway on guitar. In the interval we had a raffle, with the star prize being a bottle of Botanist gin. A very lucky lady from the workshops was the winner! We had lots of CDs as prizes as well.

13230274_527836137402801_891406748548148375_nThe concert then continued with G&T, with Innes for some of our sets. We played tunes from our new album, HIGH SPIRITS and some older sets from the EP. It was fantastic to have Innes join us and we really enjoyed his playing in Cooking 6/4, as we’ve never had a guitarist play with us in that set before.

We’ve had some brilliant feedback and folk were asking if we are going to do another G&T Day as they enjoyed it so much. We definitely will!

Thank you to everyone who made the day such a success. A big thanks to Jasmin for all her hard work behind the scenes on the day, to Innes Watson for playing with Ryan and us and for bringing the PA and doing the sound, to Ryan Young for his fantastic set, St Peter’s Church for giving us the use of the hall and to everyone for coming along to the workshops and the concert.




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Live Music Now Gigs – March 2016

We’ve had a great run of Live Music Now gigs this March in a variety of settings. Our first gig was at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh for the opening of an extensive Celtic exhibition on March 12th. Our program was entitled ‘Tunes and Tales from the Cauldron’ after the fantastic Gundestruup cauldron in the exhibition, a melting pot of Celtic art, myth and legend. Our performance focused on Celtic music and stories. Along with the usual sets of our own compositions (which are inspired by Celtic music) we included Irish dancing and some stories.

Gráinne loved reading the old Celtic stories growing up, and so enjoyed telling the tale of ‘Fionn MacCumhaill and the Salmon of Knowledge’, along with ‘Fionn MacCumhaill and the Giants Causeway’. As usual, the museum generated a lovely audience and there was a group of children dancing at the front throughout the performance!

The next day we were playing at the ‘Young at Heart Festival’ in Chatelheraut Park in East Kilbride. The venue was a small theatre next to the estate house, and it was great to see all the seats were filled. Here, our set consisted of G&T tunes along with Irish dancing by Tina. The audience loved the tunes, stories of how the names of our tunes came about and Tina’s dancing went down particularly well! Afterwards we chatted to folk as they were leaving and got very positive feedback from everyone.

G&T - Live Music NowThe following week we played a couple of gigs celebrating St Patrick’s Day. The first was out in Barrhead at Applecross Care Home (picture above). Tina has played here with her usual LMN partner Kristan Harvey a number of times so already knew the staff there. We were given a warm welcome and set up to play in the common room. As usual, the dancing generated lots of interest, though our tunes and stories were enjoyed too. Gráinne was even talking to a resident lady afterwards who was from Donegal!

G&T - Live Music NowOur next gig was the day after Patrick’s Day in Edinburgh. This was an afternoon ‘St Patrick’s Day Tea Dance’ for the elderly and took place in the Festival Theatre. There were lots of tea and scones served, which Gráinne is enjoying in this picture! Our program was a little longer than usual. Added with our usual tunes and Tina’s dancing, was some Scottish ceilidh dancing and a singalong!
We really enjoyed this performance as we had lots of people up ceilidh dancing, many joined in singing (we had distributed sheets with lyrics) and all enjoyed our own tunes and Tina’s dancing. We had a great time during the break and afterwards, chatting to lots of different folk too.


G&T - LMN daffodil The last LMN gig of March was at St Michael’s Friendship Club in Edinburgh. This club is a gathering of elderly folk in St Michael’s church, and we were the entertainment for the afternoon. The ladies kindly included us in their Easter raffle, and after the gig they presented us with a bunch of daffodils each and we both got a raffle prize. We donated our album ‘HIGH SPIRITS’ to the raffle, so we hope whoever won it is enjoying it. They gave us wonderful feedback and we were delighted returning to Glasgow after a lovely afternoon!

Cheers for now, G&T x

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G&T Workshops & Concert – Sat 21st May 2016

G&TGráinne Brady & Tina Jordan Rees are hosting a day of workshops in St Peter’s Hall in Partick, Glasgow followed by an evening concert.

As G&T are both avid composers of tunes influenced by traditional Scottish & Irish music, there will be workshops offered in tune composition. Both girls also have vast tune repertoires, and so workshops in how to build repertoire, as well as practicing techniques, will be offered. On top of this, general workshops in fiddle, flute & whistle and piano will also be on offer where you will learn some of Gráinne & Tina’s own compositions.

The afternoon of workshops will then be followed by a concert in the evening. With support from exciting young Cardross fiddler Ryan Young, see Gráinne Brady & Tina Jordan Rees perform music from their debut album ‘High Spirits’ joined, on this occasion, by Innes Watson (Treacherous Orchestra, Man’s Ruin).

Worshops offered in:

  • Fiddle
  • Flute & Whistle
  • Piano
  • Tune Composition
  • Practicing Techniques & Building Repertiore

Participants must be intermediate level or higher with experience in Scottish &/or Irish traditional music. Any age welcome.


1.30pm-1.45pm – Meet & greet

1.45pm-2.30pm – Workshop 1

2.30pm-2.45pm – Break (refreshments included)

2.45pm-3.30pm – Workshop 2

3.30pm-3.45pm – Break (refreshments included)

3.45pm-4.30pm – Workshop 3

6.30pm – Doors open for concert

7pm – Concert (BYOB)

Once you’ve booked your place you will then be contacted with regards to which workshops you’d like to take.

Any queries contact: grainneandtina@gmail.com, 07596703947


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A date for your diaries: Sat 21st May – G&T workshops & concert

On Saturday 21st May 2016 we’ll be holding afternoon workshops with classes on fiddle, piano, flute/whistle and composition. This will be followed by an evening concert. The whole event will take place in Partick, Glasgow.

We’ll let you know when we have further info and sign up details available. Pencil it in your diaries if you think it’s something you might be interested in 🙂



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Merry Christmas from G&T!

We’ve had a great year this year and we’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us along the way. We are looking forward to the exciting things to come in 2016.

Here is a shiny new video for you – BANK SET from our debut album HIGH SPIRITS.

Merry Christmas! 🙂

G&T xxxx

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Scots Trad Music Awards 2015

We were absolutely delighted to be nominated in the UP & COMING ARTIST category at this year’s MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards which took place on Saturday 5th December at the Caird Hall in Dundee. We were up against some fantastic artists including Fara, Talisk, Andrew Waite, Innovation and The League of Highland Gentlemen. Congratulations to The League of Highland Gentlemen who won the award.

Gráinne was unable to make the awards (being in Thailand!) so Tina went along accompanied by good friend and sound engineer Carla Feuerstein.

Well done to Simon Thoumire and all the team for putting on yet another night celebrating Scottish music and bringing it into the limelight of the media. The awards were broadcast live on BBC Alba across the world and you can watch it on iplayer here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06r83dq/na-trads-2015

Here’s a photo of Tina at the trads with Claire Hastings (Scots Singer of the Year nominee) and Carla Feuerstein.

12307376_10153768972421354_7270486001080533559_o Cheers,


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G&T are nominated in the 2015 Scots Trad Music Awards! – VOTE NOW!

We are delighted to announce that we are nominated in the 2015 MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards in the UP & COMING ARTIST of the year category.

You can vote for all your favourite acts by clicking this link: https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/scotstradmusicawards/voting/



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Review of HIGH SPIRITS by Rob Adams

We are absolutely delighted with this glowing review by Rob Adams of our debut album HIGH SPIRITS. It was published in the Sunday Herald on 4th October 2015.

G&T cover“Fiddler Gráinne Brady and pianist, flautist and whistle player Tina Jordan Rees met at a traditional music session in Glasgow in 2011 and this first full-length album suggests there was an instant rapport. They play together like siblings, possibly bonding on a shared immersion in Irish dance tunes and with a knack for writing new melodies in that idiom with a real spark of individuality and character. All the music here is their own and it showcases not just their instrumental prowess – Brady’s fiddling nimble, strong and expressive; Jordan Rees’s brightly percussive pianism being a particular asset – but also their talent for arrangement, ability to accompany each other and willingness to take ideas beyond traditional tune forms. The sequential 5/8s, Two Mad Cats and Week 15 are impressionistic and imaginative without losing touch with their roots and while guitar, double bass, bodhran and accordion are added here and there, the overall impression is of one mightily self-contained, superbly able duo.”

From The Sunday Herald, October 4, 2015.


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