G&T Album Recording Finished

Cammy MaxwellWe’ve finished recording the debut G&T album! Yesterday was our last day in the studio. We were recording our final guest musician – Cammy Maxwell on the double bass. On Sunday we spent the day in the studio recording the 10th and final track, putting down lots of fiddle lines to create an orchestra of Gráinne (the Gráchestra) and also we had Andrew Waite in to record some accordion on one of the tracks.

It is so exciting hearing how it’s all coming together now everything is recorded. We’re looking forward to mixing it in a few weeks time.

Some more fantastic news is that we managed to smash our Kickstarter target! We ended up with a grand total of £1011 which is amazing. After approx £100 of fees for Kickstarter we will still have around £900 which will really help us to fund the album. Thank you so much to everyone who kindly pledged and helped us to raise such a fantastic amount.

We’ve also just seen the results of the photo shoot we had in Kelvingrove Park a few weeks ago. There are some lovely photos so we’ll have a tough job choosing which make the album artwork.

Cheers for now,


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